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I'm white and I still think you're racist.
"“This is the first time you have whites thinking they face more discrimination than blacks do,” said Camille Charles, a sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania who studies class and race. “You have people who have come to believe the system is set up to benefit black people at the expense of white people.” Such beliefs, she said, reflect ignorance about the persistence of discrimination, about how much harder minorities were hit by the Great Recession, and about how affirmative action actually works (many incorrectly conflate “affirmative action” with “racial quotas,” which the Supreme Court long ago ruled unconstitutional)."

Dr. Camille Charles (via unapproachableblackchicks)

racism has had such deleterious effects, causing even the strongest, most phenomenal bouts of mass amnesia we have ever seen.  (via ancestryinprogress)

Wait… this isn’t the first time. Any time people of color, especially Black people, have demanded a voice, Whiteness claims White people are becoming the “new minority”. See any speech by a proponent of slavery from before the Civil War (you can look at the debates in Congress) or an anti-desegregationalist from the Civil Rights Movement.  They don’t have collective amnesia… they are just full of shit.

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The “discrimination” always boils down to “you’re taking away our right not to treat them as people.”

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